Chuck Nutz Lite

4.2 ( 322 ratings )
Gry Akcja Automaty
Desenvolvedor: Black Cell

Uh-oh! Busta has run off with your winter stash!

Chuck has spent all summer stashing away his nuts for the winter months, while his evil, and very lazy brother Busta has been taking it easy and watching the world go by! While Chuck is out gathering his final barrow full, Busta and his pals have broken into Chucks tree house and run off with his entire winter stash of nuts!

Fueled by revenge, Chuck has been busy making exploding nuts in order to win back his winter stash.

Prepare to embark on a journey to battle and defeat Busta and his closest pals, in a catapult-style game of wits and accuracy. You will take on the role of Chuck, and using angles, inclines and speed you will attempt to "bomb out" your enemies with accuracy and cunning.

Good luck, youre gonna need it..!!

- Play against Dusty Pawz through levels of varying intelligence and accuracy.
- Battle each enemy over 11 well-crafted levels, and destroy them before they kill you.
- The first to 10 wins takes the stage, unlocking your next enemy!
- Smooth, crisp and clear vector graphics makes for some stunning game-play.
- Simple sound effects, which can be turned on/off using the sound slider menu.
- Game updates and new levels will be added, offering many new challenges.
- Play levels in random order, keeping you on your toes … with your eyes on the prize!
- Taunting system, so that if you hit, miss or burn your enemy … theyll let you know!

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